Stefania Manca

Technical coordinator for the Municipality of Genova

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Degree in Natural Sciences at Genoa University, Specialization in Smart City - Territorial Economic Planning and Development, Master in Information Systems for the Territory and the Environment (GIS). Expert Evaluator of proposal H2020 and EU Green Deal, trainer in EU project submission and management. Employed by the Municipality of Genoa since 2011, from January 2020 officially appointed as Resilience Manager of the city of Genoa. In charge of developing the urban resilience strategy initiative so-called “Genova Lighthouse City” coherent to international agendas, projects and frameworks, and to operationalise it in the forthcoming Action Plan Urban agenda Genova 2050. Coordinator of the Climate Adaptation Partnership belonging to Urban Agenda for the EU (Pact of Amsterdam 2016). Previously territorial planner involved in urban, environmental and forestry works, ICT developer of services at local and regional scale.

Areas of interest: innovation technology, sustainable development, multi-level governance policies and actions, Resilience at 360°, Adaptation to Climate Change, local national and international networking, Doughnut economy application, shared and participatory planning

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