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Nicholas Stancioff is an investor/advisor. Since June 2012, identifying the need for long term capital based on the real estate owner’s ability to repay, he has directed the Housing and Energy Conservation Bureau, an association based in Latvia advocating safe, comfortable homes financed through energy efficiency on behalf of residents of multi-family panel buildings. Nicholas is currently engaged in the development of an ecosystem for building deep renovation across Eastern Europe and beyond. Currently supporting partners in 10 European countries. He is a co-founder and director of Funding for Future, a Dutch based Fund Management Company and he established the Latvian Building Energy Efficiency Facility, financed by the EBRD, which support ESCOs working with building deep renovation.

An entrepreneur with several start-up experiences, Nicholas has expertise in structuring and managing public and private sector project finance in emerging markets, including as a turn-around specialist in significant investments. As President/CEO of ITC, a US-based telecom with operations in Brazil, he successfully raised a new round of venture capital and repositioned the company through acquisitions and divestments to offer specific services in Bank Security, Retail, and Private Clinics thus increasing revenues while decreasing costs. In the mid-90s, Nicholas served as Principal Banker in London and Deputy Representative with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Sofia, Bulgaria. In this role he closed transactions in the nascent private sector while participating in institution building efforts.

Prior to this, as a physicals and futures commodities trader, he pioneered options pricing engines before being tasked with M&A responsibilities in the US and the Caribbean.

Nicholas holds an MBA, University of Virginia; and graduated cum laude from the American University in Washington, DC, concentrating in Mathematics and Literature, holds Futures Series Certification as well as an ICF Coaching Certificate. He is a native speaker of English and French and is proficient in Bulgarian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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