Lucía Martín González

Councillor for Housing and Renovation for the Barcelona City Council

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Born in Lugo in 1979, she has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a doctorate in environmental sciences (UAB).She came into contact with social movements through the Ateneu Candela de Terrassa and in 2009 became a member of the team promoting the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages. In 2016 she left her research work at the UAB to join the En Comú Podem per Barcelona political party group list for that year's general elections. She was elected to Spain’s Congress of Deputies that year, holding her seat until 2019, and was also the Housing spokesperson for the Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-EnMarea political party group. In 2018 she also became the spokesperson for En Comú Podem. During the last municipal elections she joined the Barcelona en Comú political party group list and was chosen as Councillor for Housing and Renovation at Barcelona City Council and as the Sant Andreu District Councillor. Ever since she took her seat at the Congress of Deputies, she has tried to speak not just for herself, but also for others who fight for LGBTI rights, for those going in person to stop evictions and ensure people’s right to housing and for those trying to transform their nearby surroundings to enable people to live there with dignity. She now wants to continue in Barcelona what she began in Madrid: working in the same direction and with the same tools.

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