Juergen Ritzek

Business director at EEIP

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Following a one and a half decade long corporate career in various national, European and global business development and strategy positions, Juergen founded a European network consultancy on low carbon business models (2009), became co-founder of classroom Global Energy MBA Investment Fund (2010) and co-founder of platform EEIP, operating a global information and engagement network of 150.000 users from business, policy, science and civil society (2011).

Juergen acts as EEIP Business Director with specific focus on disruptive technologies and business models and the drivers for implementation at scale. He recently joined the Working Group Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies under the CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management.

He co-chairs the Smart City Marketplace Action Cluster on Business Models, Finance and Procurement and the Initiative digital financing platforms.

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