Judith Neyer

Senior expert at Urban Innovation Vienna

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A political scientist by training, Judith has been involved with climate and energy policy making in Austria and beyond for over fifteen years. After placements with environmental organisations in Berlin, Brussels and Paris, Judith worked as the climate and energy advisor to the green party in the Austrian Parliament for two legislatures before joining Urban Innovation Vienna. In the city’s energy agency, she is in charge of international project cooperation and coordinates efforts to decarbonise urban heating in the framework of the EU project “Decarb City Pipes 2050”.


“The energy system is profoundly complex, notoriously sluggish with substantial technological uncertainties to face. For a city to act wisely, it needs high levels of knowledge and skills as well as a legal mandate to act – all of which is frankly lacking. Our answer to this in Decarb City Pipes is teamwork – and to recruit the most competent and distinguished help available!”

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